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A5266ADAM7, GP83Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 7

Study IDSequenceMassCharge ZIntensityElution timePost-translational modificationsScoresCountsID and experiment reference
16709260DLLPDTNIIANR1.122827596 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 28 
16709260DTGHTHDDDILK1.176758277 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 48 
16709260FSFWQEK0.888243309 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 29 
16709260IYCTGGELSSLLGEDK0.19186317 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 62 
16709260KDFDHVVLLSGK0.005159426 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 91 
16709260KTLVLHLLR1.403292985 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 31 
16709260TLVLHLLR-1.41787831 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 44 
16709260TVPGDNESEEDSKIK0.231362919 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 42 
16709260TYEEELLYEIK-1.107998448 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 45 
16709260YLIEPVKYSDEGEHLVFK-0.072975697 (delta mass [ppm])3   MS2 score: 40 
16709260YSDEGEHLVFK0.489182707 (delta mass [ppm])2   MS2 score: 42 

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