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PubMed ID22792336
AuthorsNishiumi S(1), Kobayashi T, Ikeda A, Yoshie T, Kibi M, Izumi Y, Okuno T, Hayashi N, Kawano S, Takenawa T, Azuma T, Yoshida M.
TitleA novel serum metabolomics-based diagnostic approach for colorectal cancer.
JournalPLoS One. 2012;7(7):e40459.
AbstractBACKGROUND: To improve the quality of life of colorectal cancer patients, it is important to establish new screening methods for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We performed serum metabolome analysis using gas-chromatography/mass-spectrometry (GC/MS). First, the accuracy of our GC/MS-based serum metabolomic analytical method was evaluated by calculating the RSD% values of serum levels of various metabolites. Second, the intra-day (morning, daytime, and night) and inter-day (among 3 days) variances of serum metabolite levels were examined. Then, serum metabolite levels were compared between colorectal cancer patients (N = 60; N = 12 for each stage from 0 to 4) and age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers (N = 60) as a training set. The metabolites whose levels displayed significant changes were subjected to multiple logistic regression analysis using the stepwise variable selection method, and a colorectal cancer prediction model was established. The prediction model was composed of 2-hydroxybutyrate, aspartic acid, kynurenine, and cystamine, and its AUC, sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy were 0.9097, 85.0%, 85.0%, and 85.0%, respectively, according to the training set data. In contrast, the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of CEA were 35.0%, 96.7%, and 65.8%, respectively, and those of CA19-9 were 16.7%, 100%, and 58.3%, respectively. The validity of the prediction model was confirmed using colorectal cancer patients (N = 59) and healthy volunteers (N = 63) as a validation set. At the validation set, the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of the prediction model were 83.1%, 81.0%, and 82.0%, respectively, and these values were almost the same as those obtained with the training set. In addition, the model displayed high sensitivity for detecting stage 0-2 colorectal cancer (82.8%). CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Our prediction model established via GC/MS-based serum metabolomic analysis is valuable for early detection of colorectal cancer and has the potential to become a novel screening test for colorectal cancer.

Sample characteristics

SpeciesTissue / SourceCompartmentDiseaseNDetection methodSample
Homo sapiensbloodserumColorectal cancer (CRC) stage 3-4177GC/MSDem22792336c, Dem22792336d

Sample description and preparation

N (case)54
N (control)123
Disease (case)Colorectal cancer (CRC) stage 3-4
Disease (control)healthy

Sample analysis

Software thresholdP<0.05

Molecule list

Molecule IDextExternal IDNameSource accRegulation (case/control)Scores
CHEBI1148 11482-hydroxybutyric acid2-hydroxy-butyrateratio: 1.51
CHEBI5417 5417glucosamineGlucosamine_2ratio: 1.28
CHEBI10295 10295alpha-L-sorbopyranose?-sorbopyranose_1(or Fructose_1)ratio: 2.1
CHEBI15428 15428glycineGlycine(3TMS)ratio: 1.15
CHEBI15603 15603L-LeucineLeucineratio: 1.23
CHEBI15611 15611sarcosineSarcosineratio: 1.69
CHEBI15729 15729L-OrnithineN-?-acetyl-L-Ornithine_2ratio: 1.41
CHEBI15729 15729L-OrnithineOrnithineratio: 1.37
CHEBI15748 15748D-glucuronateGlucuronate_1ratio: 1.34
CHEBI15963 15963D-ribitolRibitolratio: 1.49
CHEBI16000 16000ethanolamine2-aminoethanolratio: 1.15
CHEBI16015 16015L-Glutamic acidGlutamic acidratio: 2.38
CHEBI16016 16016dihydroxyacetoneDihydroxyacetoneratio: 1.39
CHEBI16070 160701,5-anhydro-D-glucitol1,5-anhydro-D-glucitolratio: 0.67
CHEBI16125 161251-Hexadecanol1-hexadecanolratio: 1.21
CHEBI16414 16414L-ValineValine(2TMS)ratio: 1.14
CHEBI16450 164502'-deoxyuridine2'-deoxyuridine_2ratio: 1.71
CHEBI16828 16828L-TryptophanTryptophanratio: 0.97
CHEBI16946 16946L-KynurenineKynurenineratio: 1.98
CHEBI16958 16958beta-alanine?-Alanineratio: 1.26
CHEBI16988 16988D-RiboseRiboseratio: 0.76
CHEBI16995 16995Ethanedioic acidOxalateratio: 1.45
CHEBI17053 17053L-Aspartic acidAspartic acidratio: 1.93
CHEBI17113 17113erythritolmeso-erythritolratio: 1.99
CHEBI17115 17115L-SerineSerine(3TMS)ratio: 1.42
CHEBI17151 17151XylitolXylitolratio: 1.46
CHEBI17191 17191L-IsoleucineIsoleucineratio: 1.46
CHEBI17196 17196AsparagineAsparagineratio: 1.23
CHEBI17201 17201glycylglycineGlycyl-Glycine_1ratio: 1.22
CHEBI17203 17203L-ProlineProlineratio: 1.33
CHEBI17268 17268myo-inositolInositolratio: 1.17
CHEBI17295 17295L-phenylalaninePhenylalanineratio: 1.59
CHEBI17497 17497Glycol acidGlycolic acidratio: 1.22
CHEBI17535 17535L-ArabinoseArabinoseratio: 1.56
CHEBI17561 17561L-cysteineCysteine??ratio: 1.58
CHEBI17634 17634D-GlucoseGlucose_1ratio: 0.93
CHEBI17895 17895L-TyrosineTyrosineratio: 1.22
CHEBI17947 179475-Dehydroquinic acid5-dehydroquinic acidratio: 1.77
CHEBI18019 18019L-LysineLysine(4TMS)ratio: 0.89
CHEBI18019 18019L-LysineN-?-acetyl-L-Lysine_2ratio: 2.08
CHEBI18095 18095trans-4-Hydroxy-L-prolinetrans-4-hydroxy-L-prolineratio: 1.32
CHEBI18183 181835-Oxo-L-prolinePyroglutamic acidratio: 1.25
CHEBI18211 18211citrullineCitrullineratio: 1.29
CHEBI18243 18243dopamineDopamineratio: 1.99
CHEBI18333 18333D-arabinitolArabitolratio: 1.39
CHEBI18367 18367PhosphatePhosphateratio: 1.27
CHEBI22211 22211aconitic acidAconitateratio: 1.21
CHEBI28791 28791isoglutamic acid?-Glutamic acidratio: 1.19
CHEBI29019 29019nonanoic acidNonanoic acid(C9)ratio: 0.77
CHEBI30763 307634-hydroxybenzoic acidp-hydroxybenzoic acidratio: 1.53
CHEBI30769 30769citric acidCitric acid Isocitric acidratio: 1.28
CHEBI30805 30805Lauric acidLauric acidratio: 1.15
CHEBI30997 30997levoglucosan1,6-anhydroglucoseratio: 0.96
CHEBI32365 32365Heptadecanoic acidHeptadecanoateratio: 1.37
CHEBI32398 32398D-glyceric acidGlyceric acidratio: 1.29
CHEBI32816 32816Pyruvic acidPyruvate??? acidratio: 1.53
CHEBI35932 359323-Methyl-2-oxopentanoic acidKetoisoleucine_1ratio: 1.25
CHEBI37684 37684mannoseMannose_1ratio: 1.83
CHEBI47693 47693D-tagatoseTagatose_2(or Psicose_2)ratio: 1.82
CHEBI48300 48300D-threitolThreitolratio: 1.32
CHEBI50263 50263Malic acidMalic acidratio: 1.47
CHEBI53455 53455D-XyloseXylose_2ratio: 1.15
CHEBI60312 60312galactosamineGalactosamine_1ratio: 1.54
CHEBI75323 75323lactitolLactitolratio: 8.19
CHEBI78320 783202-Hydroxypropanoic acidLactic acidratio: 0.83
CHEBI78757 78757cystamineCystamineratio: 1.24
CHEBI82838 82838D-LyxoseLyxose_2ratio: 1.52
CHEBI83981 839813-hydroxyaspartic acidThreo-?-hydroxyaspartic acidratio: 1.55
CHEBI545959 545959homovanillic acidMethoxy-4-hydroxyphenylacetateratio: 0.99

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