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nameActivin receptor type-1B
speciesHomo sapiens

Molecule reference


Functions and classifications

GOC:cell surface, C:integral component of plasma membrane, F:activin receptor activity, type I, F:ATP binding, F:metal ion binding, F:receptor signaling protein serine/threonine kinase activity, F:SMAD binding, F:transforming growth factor beta-activated receptor activity, F:ubiquitin protein ligase binding, P:central nervous system development, P:development of primary female sexual characteristics, P:extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway, P:G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle, P:hair follicle development, P:in utero embryonic development, P:intracellular signal transduction, P:negative regulation of cell growth, P:nodal signaling pathway, P:peptidyl-threonine phosphorylation, P:positive regulation of activin receptor signaling pathway, P:positive regulation of erythrocyte differentiation, P:positive regulation of pathway-restricted SMAD protein phosphorylation, P:positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, P:positive regulation of trophoblast cell migration, P:protein autophosphorylation, P:regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, C:membrane, P:activin receptor signaling pathway, C:activin receptor complex, C:cell surface, C:integral to plasma membrane, P:induction of apoptosis, P:regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent, P:signal transduction by phosphorylation, C:activin receptor complex, P:signal transduction by phosphorylation, P:transmembrane receptor protein serine/threonine kinase signaling pathway
UniProtAlternative splicing, ATP-binding, Cell membrane, Complete proteome, Glycoprotein, Kinase, Magnesium, Manganese, Membrane, Metal-binding, Nucleotide-binding, Phosphoprotein, Polymorphism, Receptor, Reference proteome, Serine/threonine-protein kinase, Signal, Transferase, Transmembrane, Transmembrane helix, Ubl conjugation
PADBENZ: enzyme, enzymatic properties

Studies, tissues and diseases

Study IDSpeciesNTissue / SourceDiseaseP-valueDetectionPubMed/DOI
Exp26245529bHomo sapiens26colon_rectumColorectal cancer (CRC) (CRC)0.039076761LC-MS/MS26245529

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