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geneAFF2, FMR2, OX19
nameFragile X mental retardation 2 protein
speciesHomo sapiens

Molecule reference

AFF2_HUMANP51816ENSG000001559662334Hs.496911300806, 309548

Functions and classifications

GOC:nuclear speck, F:G-quadruplex RNA binding, P:brain development, P:learning or memory, P:mRNA processing, P:regulation of RNA splicing, P:RNA splicing
UniProtAlternative splicing, Complete proteome, Mental retardation, mRNA processing, mRNA splicing, Nucleus, Phosphoprotein, Polymorphism, Reference proteome, RNA-binding, Triplet repeat expansion
PADBTF: transcription and translation, gene regulation

Studies, tissues and diseases

Study IDSpeciesNTissue / SourceDiseaseP-valueDetectionPubMed/DOI
Exp19969511Homo sapiens11rectumRectal cancer (RC) (RC)0.00431whole genome-microarray19969511

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