PADB-logoLSSR - molecule cluster A5370Uncharacterized protein KIAA0319 precursor

Molecule reference

organismSwissProtUniProtlength [aa]Mr [Da]OMIM
Homo sapiensK0319_HUMANQ5VV431072117763600202, 609269

Functions and Classifications

GOC:early endosome, C:early endosome membrane, C:integral component of membrane, C:plasma membrane, P:negative regulation of dendrite development, P:neuron migration, C:integral to membrane
UniProt3D-structure, Alternative splicing, Cell membrane, Complete proteome, Developmental protein, Endosome, Glycoprotein, Membrane, Neurogenesis, Polymorphism, Reference proteome, Repeat, Signal, Transmembrane, Transmembrane helix
PADBDEV: development, cell growth, differentiation, morphogenesis

tissues and studies

study IDspeciestissuesubfractionsubcellular locationdiseaseassociated diseasebiomarkerregulation in diseaseratio (disease/control)frequency %study and detectID stats
21127740humanurinewhole acute abdominal pain     Identified peptides: 52

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