PADB-logoLSSR - molecule cluster A4702COL9A1Collagen alpha 1(IX) chain precursor

Molecule reference

organismSwissProtUniProtlength [aa]Mr [Da]OMIM
Homo sapiensCO9A1_HUMANP2084992191855120210, 614134, 614135

Functions and Classifications

GOC:collagen type IX, C:endoplasmic reticulum lumen, F:extracellular matrix structural constituent conferring tensile strength, F:metal ion binding, P:axon guidance, P:collagen catabolic process, P:extracellular matrix disassembly, P:growth plate cartilage development, P:organ morphogenesis, P:tissue homeostasis, C:collagen, P:chondrocyte differentiation, P:extracellular matrix organization
UniProt3D-structure, Alternative splicing, Collagen, Complete proteome, Deafness, Direct protein sequencing, Disulfide bond, Extracellular matrix, Glycoprotein, Hydroxylation, Metal-binding, Polymorphism, Reference proteome, Repeat, Secreted, Signal, Stickler syndrome, Zinc
PADBCS: Cell shape (cytoskeleton, cell adhesion, morphology, cell junction, cellular structures, extracellular matrix)

tissues and studies

study IDspeciestissuesubfractionsubcellular locationdiseaseassociated diseasebiomarkerregulation in diseaseratio (disease/control)frequency %study and detectID stats
16709260humansemenplasma healthy     
16550189humanurinewhole Neonatal ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction    m/z: 1161.56
UNPUBLISHED_1humanurinewhole cancer     

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