PADB-logoLSSR - molecule cluster A115CMyosin light chain 1, skeletal muscle isoform

Molecule reference

organismSwissProtUniProtlength [aa]Mr [Da]OMIM
Gallus gallus (Chicken)MLE1_CHICKP0260419220899 

Functions and Classifications

GOmyosin complex, calcium ion binding
UniProt3D-structure, Alternative splicing, Complete proteome, Direct protein sequencing, Methylation, Motor protein, Muscle protein, Myosin, Repeat
PADBTP: transport, storage, endocytosis, exocytosis, vesicles

tissues and studies

study IDspeciestissuesubfractionsubcellular locationdiseaseassociated diseasebiomarkerregulation in diseaseratio (disease/control)frequency %study and detectID stats
17000643ratliverinner mitochondrial membrane healthy     

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