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PubMed ID25957429
AuthorsSamavat S, Kalantari S, Nafar M, Rutishauser D, Rezaei-Tavirani M, Parvin M, Zubarev RA.
TitleDiagnostic urinary proteome profile for immunoglobulin a nephropathy.
JournalIran J Kidney Dis. 2015 May;9(3):239-48.
AbstractINTRODUCTION: Immunoglobulin A (IgA) nephropathy, the most common type of glomerulonephritis, is only diagnosed by invasive kidney biopsy. Urine proteome panel might help in noninvasive diagnosis and also better understanding of pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Second mid-stream urine samples of 13 patients with biopsy-proven IgA nephropathy and 8 healthy controls were investigated by means of nanoscale liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Multivariate analysis of quantified label-free proteins was performed by the principal component analysis and partial least squares models. RESULTS: A total number of 493 unique proteins were quantified by nanoscale liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, of which 46 proteins were considered as putative biomarkers of IgA nephropathy, after multivariate analysis and additional filter criterion and comparing the patients and the controls. Some of the significant differentially expressed proteins were CD44, glycoprotein 2, vasorin, epidermal growth factor, CLM9, protocadherin, utreoglobin, dipeptidyl peptidase IV, NHL repeat-containing protein 3, and SLAM family member 5. These proteins were related to various involved pathogenic pathways of inflammatory response and complement system. CONCLUSIONS: This proteome profile could be utilized in the diagnosis of IgA nephropathy. In addition, providing a noninvasive diagnostic tool, it may shed light on the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy.

Sample characteristics

SpeciesTissue / SourceCompartmentDiseaseNDetection methodSample
Homo sapiensurinewholeGlomerulonephritis21nano-LC-MS/MSDem25957429

Sample description and preparation

N (case)13
N (control)8
Disease (case)IgA nephropathy
Disease (control)healthy

Sample analysis

Software thresholdFDR <0.01, P<0.05

Molecule list

Molecule IDextExternal IDGeneNameSource accRegulation (case/control)Scores
A8229 HV106_HUMANIgG VH, IGHV7-81, IGHV1Ig heavy chain V-I regionHV107_HUMANratio: 1.65
A8243 HV312_HUMANIGH, HuVH8B VH, scFvIg heavy chain V-III regionHV320_HUMANratio: 1.74
A1411XIGHA1_HUMANIGM, SNC73, IGHA1Ig alpha-1 chain C regionIGHA1_HUMANratio: 1.8
A747D NHLC3_HUMANNHLRC3NHL repeat-containing protein 3NHLC3_HUMANratio: 1.92
A1298 6PGL_HUMANPGLS6-phosphogluconolactonase6PGL_HUMANratio: 1.93
A5651 AOC1_HUMANABP1, AOC1, DAO1Amiloride-sensitive amine oxidase [copper-containing] precursorABP1_HUMANratio: 1.98
A8378XA2AP_HUMANSERPINF2, AAP, PLIAlpha-2-antiplasmin precursorA2AP_HUMANratio: 2.03
A9478 SLAF5_HUMANCD84, SLAMF5SLAM family member 5SLAF5_HUMANratio: 2.74
A8269XIGHG2_HUMANIGHG2Ig gamma-2IGHG2_HUMANratio: 2.95
A6367XDPP4_HUMANDPP4, ADCP2, CD26Dipeptidyl peptidase 4DPP4_HUMANratio: 3.52
A8522 UTER_HUMANSCGB1A1, CC10, CCSPClara cell phospholipid-binding protein precursorUTER_HUMANratio: 3.55
A735CXA1BG_HUMANA1BGAlpha-1B-glycoprotein precursorA1BG_HUMANratio: 5.59
A5065 PCDH1_HUMANPCDH1Protocadherin 1 precursorPCDH1_HUMANratio: 8.88
A0821 CD44_HUMANCD44, LHR, MDU2CD44 antigenCD44_HUMANratio: 0.09
A815B APOD_HUMANAPODApolipoprotein D precursorAPOD_HUMANratio: 0.15
A560B P3IP1_HUMANPIK3IP1, HGFLPhosphoinositide-3-kinase-interacting protein 1P3IP1_HUMANratio: 0.26
A505D GP2_HUMANGP2Glycoprotein 2GP2_HUMANratio: 0.27
A8525 VASN_HUMANVASN, SLITL2, UNQ314/PRO357/PRO1282VasorinVASN_HUMANratio: 0.27
A6853XKLK1_HUMANKLK1, KALLIKREINKallikrein 1KLK1_HUMANratio: 0.28
A0609 EGF_HUMANEGFPro-epidermal growth factor precursorEGF_HUMANratio: 0.32
A1933 PVR_HUMANPVR, PVSPoliovirus receptor precursorPVR_HUMANratio: 0.32
A9278 CLM9_HUMANCD300LG, UNQ422, RLLV422CMRF35-like molecule 9CLM9_HUMANratio: 0.35
A9103 TFF2_HUMANTFF2, SML1Trefoil factor 2 precursorTFF2_HUMANratio: 0.36
A1624 CO7_HUMANC7Complement component C7 precursorCO7_HUMANratio: 0.38
A4853XHMCN1_HUMANHMCN1, FIBL6, FIBL-6Hemicentin-1HMCN1_HUMANratio: 0.39
A0318XCADH1_HUMANCDH1, CDHE, UVOEpithelial-cadherin precursorCADH1_HUMANratio: 0.39
A1410XCO6A1_HUMANCOL6A1Collagen alpha 1(VI) chain precursorCO6A1_HUMANratio: 0.41
A5209 TFF1_HUMANTFF1, BCEI, PS2Trefoil factor 1 precursorTFF1_HUMANratio: 0.42
A8383XAMBP_HUMANAMBP, ITIL, HCPAMBP protein precursorAMBP_HUMANratio: 0.42
A3849 K2C1_HUMANKRT1, KRTAKeratin, type II cytoskeletal 1K2C1_HUMANratio: 0.42
A7710 RNAS2_HUMANRNASE2, EDN, RNS2Nonsecretory ribonuclease precursorRNAS2_HUMANratio: 0.43
A4566XALS_HUMANIGFALS, ALSInsulin-like growth factor binding protein complex acid labile chain precursorALS_HUMANratio: 0.43
A1591XIC1_HUMANSERPING1, C1IN, C1NHSerine/cysteine proteinase inhibitor clade G member 1IC1_HUMANratio: 0.48
A1614 DAF_HUMANCD55, DAF, CRComplement decay-accelerating factor precursorDAF_HUMANratio: 0.54
A1932 PVRL4_HUMANPVRL4, LNIR, PRR4Poliovirus receptor-related protein 4 precursorPVRL4_HUMANratio: 0.54
A5298 CRIS1_HUMANCRISP1, AEGL1Cysteine-rich secretory protein-1 precursorCRIS1_HUMANratio: 0.54
A098C LTBP4_HUMANLTBP4Latent TGF-beta binding protein-4LTBP4_HUMANratio: 0.54
A0524 PROF1_HUMANPFN1Profilin IPROF1_HUMANratio: 0.56
A8401XCYTC_HUMANCST3Cystatin C precursorCYTC_HUMANratio: 0.62
A4136 IST1_HUMANIST1IST1 homologIST1_HUMANratio: 0.63
A810BXAPOA4_HUMANAPOA4, ApoA-IV, APOA-IVApolipoprotein A-IV precursorAPOA4_HUMANratio: 0.64
A6256XDDAH2_HUMANDDAH2, DDAH, G6ANG,NG-dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 2DDAH2_HUMANratio: 0.64
A1808 IGF2_HUMANIGF2, PP1446Insulin-like growth factor II precursorIGF2_HUMANratio: 0.66

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