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PubMed ID16549904
AuthorsBraun MC, Li L, Ke B, Dubinsky WP, Pickering MC, Chang JY.
TitleProteomic profiling of urinary protein excretion in the factor H-deficient mouse.
JournalAm J Nephrol. 2006;26(2):127-35. Epub 2006 Mar 21.
AbstractBACKGROUND: Since the 1970s a variety of experimental techniques have been employed in an attempt to identify urinary biomarkers of renal injury. While these approaches have met with some success, modern proteomic tools now permit broad based high-throughput analysis of the urinary proteome. METHODS: Using the ICAT isotopic labeling based LC/MS/MS approach, comparative urinary protein profiling was performed in a murine model of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis. Paired samples were analyzed mice with a targeted deletion of the complement regulatory protein factor H (FH-/-) and control mice. RESULTS: 25 distinct urinary proteins were identified of which 7 were differentially expressed in the FH-/- mice. Two proteins were markedly altered in the urine of FH-/- mice compared to controls: uromodulin (5.5-fold lower) and the MHC class II molecule H2e (8.6-fold higher). Differential expression was confirmed by Western blot and RT-PCR. Immunofluorescent staining demonstrated a marked increased expression of H2e and a reduction of uromodulin expression in the tubular epithelium of FH-/- mice. CONCLUSIONS: These findings provide insight into early complement-dependent alterations in tubular protein expression which may play critical roles in the development of tubulointerstitial disease, and provide experimental support for the use of urinary proteomic profiling in murine models of renal injury.

Sample characteristics

SpeciesTissue / SourceCompartmentDiseaseNDetection methodSample
Mus musculusurinewholeGlomerulonephritis10nano-LC-MS/MSDem16549904

Sample description and preparation

Disease (case)membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis model
Digestin-gel, trypsin

Molecule list

Molecule IDextExternal IDGeneNameSource accRegulation (case/control)Scores
A8383XAMBP_MOUSEAmbp, ItilProtein AMBPNP_031469quantification method: ICAT labelling
A5802 AMY1_MOUSEAmy1, Amy-1-a, Amy1aAlpha-amylase 1NP_031472quantification method: ICAT labelling
A9139 UROM_MOUSEUmodUromodulinNP_033496quantification method: ICAT labelling
A5199 TBE_MOUSETube1Tubulin epsilon chainXP_125543 quantification method: ICAT labelling
XP_489269   Riken CDAN 4930546K05XP_489269 quantification method: ICAT labelling
A5805XAMYP_MOUSEAmy2, Amy2aPancreatic alpha-amylaseGI:67370quantification method: ICAT labelling
A1620XCFAD_MOUSECfd, Adn, DfComplement factor DGI:113444quantification method: ICAT labelling
A0609 EGF_MOUSEEgfPro-epidermal growth factorGI:119227quantification method: ICAT labelling
A8599 HB21_MOUSEH2-Eb1, H2-Eb2, Btnl2H-2 class II histocompatibility antigenGI:122225quantification method: ICAT labelling
A150CXMUP1_MOUSEMup1, Mup10, Mup3Major urinary protein 1GI:127526quantification method: ICAT labelling
A151CXMUP2_MOUSEMup2Major urinary protein 2GI:127527quantification method: ICAT labelling
A001AXMUP8_MOUSEMup8, Mup11, Mup5Major urinary proteins 11 and 8GI:127531quantification method: ICAT labelling
A152C MUP3_MOUSEMup3, Mup25, Mup6Major urinary protein 3GI:127532quantification method: ICAT labelling
A1469XTHRB_MOUSEF2, Cf2ProthrombinGI:135808quantification method: ICAT labelling
A5209 TFF1_MOUSETff1, Bcei, Ps2Trefoil factor 1GI:585735quantification method: ICAT labelling
A0462XDMD_MOUSEDmdDystrophinGI:1169358quantification method: ICAT labelling
A5817XAPT_MOUSEAprtAdenine phosphoribosyltransferaseGI:1351960quantification method: ICAT labelling
A8383XAMBP_MOUSEAmbp, ItilProtein AMBPGI:2497696quantification method: ICAT labelling
A1586 Q9Z1R9Prss1, Trygn16, trypsinogenMCG124046GI:2507249quantification method: ICAT labelling
A6997 MEP1A_MOUSEMep1aMeprin A subunit alphaGI:2827776quantification method: ICAT labelling
A1581XALBU_MOUSEAlb, Alb-1, Alb1Serum albumin ( Precursor)GI:5915682quantification method: ICAT labelling
A6853XKLK1_MOUSEKlk1, Klk-6, Klk6Kallikrein-1GI:17433705quantification method: ICAT labelling
A8873 LY86_MOUSELy86, Md1Lymphocyte antigen 86GI:20138464quantification method: ICAT labelling
A155C MUP6_MOUSEMup6, 620807, Mup2Major urinary protein 6GI:20178291quantification method: ICAT labelling
A627K Q6S9I2Kng2HMW-kininogen-II variantGI:40715898quantification method: ICAT labelling
A627K Q6S9I2Kng2HMW-kininogen-II variantAAR88630quantification method: ICAT labelling
A1506 LAMB3_MOUSELamb3Laminin subunit beta-3LAMB3_MOUSE quantification method: ICAT labelling
A9858 CXL15_MOUSECxcl15, Scyb15C-X-C motif chemokine 15CXL15_MOUSE quantification method: ICAT labelling

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