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geneAMDHD1, HMFT1272
nameProbable imidazolonepropionase
speciesHomo sapiens

Molecule reference


Functions and classifications

GOC:cytosol, F:imidazolonepropionase activity, F:metal ion binding, P:histidine catabolic process, P:histidine catabolic process to glutamate and formamide, P:histidine catabolic process to glutamate and formate, C:cytoplasm, F:hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in cyclic amides, P:histidine catabolic process to glutamate and formamide
UniProtComplete proteome, Histidine metabolism, Hydrolase, Iron, Metal-binding, Polymorphism, Reference proteome, Zinc
PADBenzyme, enzymatic properties

Studies, tissues and diseases

Study IDSpeciesNTissue / SourceDiseaseFold change in diseaseP-valueDetectionPubMed/DOI
Exp24927646aMus musculus16kidneyDiabetes (diabetic nephropathy treated with Phlorizin)3< 0.05LC-MS/MS24927646
Exp24927646bMus musculus16kidneyDiabetes (diabetic nephropathy)9.6< 0.05LC-MS/MS24927646

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