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nameCD166 antigen
speciesMus musculus

Molecule reference


Functions and classifications

GOC:axon, C:external side of plasma membrane, C:integral component of membrane, C:neuronal cell body, F:protein binding, P:axon guidance, P:cell adhesion, P:motor neuron axon guidance, C:integral to membrane
UniProtCell adhesion, Complete proteome, Disulfide bond, Glycoprotein, Immunoglobulin domain, Membrane, Reference proteome, Repeat, Signal, Transmembrane, Transmembrane helix
PADBCell shape (cytoskeleton, cell adhesion, morphology, cell junction, cellular structures, extracellular matrix)

Studies, tissues and diseases

Study IDSpeciesNTissue / SourceCompartmentDiseaseFold change in diseaseP-valueDetectionPubMed/DOI
Exp18187931aMus musculus20kidneyglomeruliGlomerulonephritis (lupus nephritis)3.1< 0.05RNA microarray18187931

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