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geneApln, Apel, preproapelin
speciesMus musculus

Molecule reference


Functions and classifications

GOC:extracellular space, C:perinuclear region of cytoplasm, F:receptor binding, P:drinking behavior, P:G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway, P:negative regulation of blood pressure, P:negative regulation of vasoconstriction, P:positive regulation of cell proliferation, P:positive regulation of corticotropin secretion, P:positive regulation of corticotropin-releasing hormone secretion, P:positive regulation of heat generation, P:positive regulation of phosphorylation, P:positive regulation of vasodilation, P:regulation of body fluid levels, P:regulation of respiratory gaseous exchange, P:regulation of the force of heart contraction
UniProtCleavage on pair of basic residues, Complete proteome, Hormone, Reference proteome, Signal

Studies, tissues and diseases

Study IDSpeciesTissue / SourceCompartmentDiseaseFold change in diseaseP-valueDetectionPubMed/DOI
Exp24569379Mus musculuskidneyendothelial cellsAKI (AKI)2.030.00399RNA microarray24569379

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